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  • Expert Instructor

    With over twenty years of experience teaching wig making, master wig designer Daniele Sullivan is not only a recognized expert, but also a talented instructor who skillfully breaks down every aspect of wig making in an easy and practical approach.

  • Hands on Approach

    All our courses have been designed and created using a hands on approach, to facilitate faster learning and easier assimilation. The many videos, prints, quizzes and assignments are just what you need to get the wig making process under your belt!

  • Certification

    No need to be a cosmetologist to take our course and obtain a certification. Each course chapter features a quiz that will earn you points towards your certification, making sure that as soon as all the learning materials are assimilated, you will immediately be ready to hit the ground running.

Student Reviews

“Hi, I took this class and want to say that if you are thinking of taking it, don't think, just sign up right now, it's worth the money! I don't even know why she charges so little, I think she should charge much more! ”

Shanee from NY

“This class was such a good class, and a great inspiration for me! I learnt so much about wig making!! I was kind of scared at the beginning, (because of internet) but it was well worth it. I highly recommend it. ”

Shamika from Texa

“The class was fabulous. I learnt so much, so many aspects of wig making I didn't even know existed. It took me a year to find Daniele, but I want you to know it's well worth it. You learn things you can't even imagine, from A to Z.”

Cathy from NJ

“I'm a hairstylist and I have been doing hair for 25 years, but this class has opened up an entire new world for me where I'm going to make money money money! ”

Diane from GA
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Daniele Sullivan, Master Wig Designer